A Closer Look at ONU Law’s Certificate Tracks

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The law is a branch of the law. It regulates behavior, including how we act in a certain situation. Courts make decisions on different cases and apply them to subsequent factual scenarios. This concept, called stare decisis, is intended to promote the fair application of laws. The first level of appellate courts in a given system must follow the decisions of their lower-level counterparts, known as divisions. While other courts’ decisions are persuasive, they are not always mandatory.


ONU Law has been recognized by preLaw magazine as one of the “Best Schools for Public Service.” Students were evaluated on employment statistics, curriculum, and loan repayment options. ONU Law’s graduates enjoy a low cost of living and guaranteed clinic opportunities. More than 5,300 alumni stay in touch with the school. Its goal is to create “practice-ready” attorneys. For more information, contact ONU Law’s admissions office.

ONU’s J.D. program

The Claude Pettit College of Law is the professional graduate law school of Ohio Northern University. The law school was founded in 1885. Its main building, Tilton Hall, is home to all law classes and the Taggart Law Library. Upon completing your J.D. program at ONU, you’ll become an attorney who is ready to take on the world. Here, you can learn the most recent legal trends in the field and prepare yourself to practice the law.

ONU’s certificate track

ONU Law offers several different certificate tracks that allow students to tailor their legal education to their interests. You can choose from certificate tracks in criminal law, corporate law, or civil litigation, as well as many other specialties. ONU emphasizes career-oriented education in its law programs, and you’ll be well-equipped to choose your path after graduation. Here’s a closer look at each track. Let’s start with the criminal law certificate track.

J.D. program

Getting a J.D. degree in law requires extensive study and rigorous coursework. It may take four or more years to complete a traditional full-time program, although some accelerated programs are available. Some schools also offer part-time options. For students who wish to pursue a legal career with minimal debt, part-time programs are an excellent option. This article will discuss some of the key benefits of taking the J.D. program online.

Socratic Method

A common fear among law students is the Socratic Method. This infamous method of teaching involves a series of guided questions that guide students to a conclusion. It is designed to develop critical thinking skills and foster thoughtful discussion. However, it is also a potentially intimidating method. Students may initially be resistant, but they quickly come to appreciate its advantages. Here are four reasons why it may be a useful tool for your next law class.

Legal writing

If you’re a lawyer, you are probably familiar with the use of legalese. While it’s difficult for laymen to understand, legalese is important in certain areas of law. Its usage has evolved over time and has vast precedent. It may be more precise than plain English, but that’s not to say it’s useless. Legalese is the language of lawyers. However, if you’re not a lawyer, there are ways to make your legal writing more comprehensible.